imperialsm2 - American Foreign Policy Imperialism has been...

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American Foreign Policy Imperialism has been known to create chaos and destruction within rich resourceful countries. Many of the excuses today for carrying out imperialistic actions are for national defense, national security, or maintaining stability in the country that has been invaded. Imperialism is all around us but is never recognized by the media, people or in education. When talking about modern day imperialism, it is describes to be the process by which a more powerhouse country takes economic control for its own purposes and benefits. These benefits were usually in order to attain labor, land, raw materials, markets and slaves. Third World countries became a source of many manufactures goods, along with machinery technology investments and loans. Yet with all these imperialistic connotations our media and government by no means recognizes these actions as imperialism. From the prospective of people living outside America, they would agree that U.S. is imperialistic, but within America it is considered “ideological blather”. Imperialism has been around much longer than capitalism. I believe that America stands as a capitalist imperialist country because it invests in other countries, by changing their economy to better fit our needs, the cultures and political life of the native people. America incorporates their financial and dynamic structures into a national system of a lucrative profit. One of the most common characteristics of imperialism is expansion. Imperialist look for ways to make money and in the process are making more money. Investors especially will only invest in something they will make profits of. America’s motives are a very good example of expansion which leads to connections everywhere.
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Unfortunately these expansions take over well sufficient people’s lives and change them into factory workers living off of pennies. Community and cultures are substituted by “mass- market, mass-media, and consumer societies”. Parenti states in his article “North American and European corporations have acquired control of more than three-fourths of the known mineral resources of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.” But natural resources are not the only reasons for expansion. There is a need to lower productions costs which maximizes profits, which allows investors to make profit with cheaper labor markets. Parenti also concludes that “Because of low wages, low taxes, nonexistent work benefits,
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imperialsm2 - American Foreign Policy Imperialism has been...

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