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Sasha Rozenberg 5/27/07 Per. 1 My Lai Trial Questions 1. Was Calley following orders? In the trial Calley testified to following orders, and only did what he was told to do. Because I was a prosecuting lawyer I could only make my case that Calley seemed like a ruthless man, he may have been ordered to kill Vietcong, but in the case he had killed 50-75 innocent civilians with no weapons. So in many ways he was following orders but had no moral in the fact that he was shooting at Vietcong sympathizers; which by the way is not a justification for killing all those people. I believe that Calley was given orders but he took those orders and turned them into revenge and became ruthless, including the death of a small two year old boy climbing out of the ditch. In any case Calley was following orders. 2. Was Medina more responsible than Calley? In the trial Medina may has testified that he gave no orders, but I think that he was only trying to protect himself. Median had all the power to stop the shooting, because he was supposedly seen at the ditch. I believe Medina is more responsible because he is the captain of the platoon and took no action in stopping the massacre. Medina was more responsible essentially because he had the power to take away the orders and instead he stood there to watch and rushed the process, trying to speed up the orders. 3. Was Calley a scapegoat (sacrificial lamb)? I believe that because Calley was the lowest authority at the massacre he was blamed for making the orders himself and killing 50-75 people all on his own. This worked out for Medina because Calley was still the leader of his platoon but not high enough in authority to stop the killings that happened in
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My Lai. Calley just happened to be one man out of the whole situation, when in fact there were probably many men involved. 4. Why wasn't Medina on trial? Medina was not on trial because he was a captain and would be too much of a high authority to place on trial. Because if we started with a captain we would need people in even high authority to show up at court as witnesses, and then there would be an issue of prosecuting generals who made the big decisions in
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my lai - Sasha Rozenberg Per 1 My Lai Trial Questions 1 Was...

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