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Sasha Rozenberg 1/4/05 Per. 1 Progressive era 1. The Progressive era was a time when many citizens of America wanted a change and to move away from waste and corruption. Progressive is moving toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, and new or experimental methods to improve bad situations. This era had many issues to resolve concerning many different ideas of women’s rights, monopolies, corruption in government, city dwellers, farmers and etc. These issues were all interconnected to each other which led to many endless debates about the most important issue. The Progressive Era was a time of when there were very many poor people and no middle class. 50% of America’s wealth was in the hand of only 1% of the population. Companies took over one another and cities were disgusting filled with garbage and rodents. Life was either extremely miserable or very luxurious depending on where you stood in society. Also there was always a constant flow of immigrants which created so much crowding in cities people were living on the streets with no food. Women still had no suffrage while children were still working in factories for barely any wage. America needed a change and that reform followed through during the Progressive era of arguments and debates to fix living issues for everyone. 2. With two feuding party leaders splitting the Republican vote, Democrat Woodrow
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progressive era - Sasha Rozenberg Per 1 Progressive era 1...

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