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ANTH Ethno Paper Religion online - Cultural Anthropology...

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Cultural Anthropology Due on Thursday, 7/15/10 Ethnography Assignment: Religion or Spiritual Gathering Experience Religious rituals reflect and support the beliefs and values found in a particular cultural context. The point of this exercise is to investigate a religious community outside of your own beliefs or traditions . You may attend any community-oriented religious ritual of your choice, as long as it is not part of your usual personal experiences. Practice participant observation by recording your observations and reactions in your Field Notes. Write down what you observed and learned first- hand. These Field Notes will form the basis of your ethnographic paper and they must be submitted with your Ethnography. Ideas: Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Shabbat (Jewish) Hindu Ashram (large one in Livermore) Wiccan Gathering Sikh ceremony (there’s a temple in El Sobrante) Mainstream Protestant Service Fundamentalist Christian Service Islamic Prayers (any mosque) Quaker Meeting Native American Church (Oakland) Buddhist Temple Catholic Mass Use the Internet, telephone book or ask around to find an appropriate venue in your area. Remember that this is an anthropological exercise in cultural relativism. Be respectful at all times. Ask questions, but do not interrupt any rituals and DO NOT take pictures.
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ANTH Ethno Paper Religion online - Cultural Anthropology...

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