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Aleksandra Rozenberg 7/11/2010 anth 130 Field Work I. Orientation a) 11 am Sunday July 11, 2010 c) Temple United Methodist Church 1111 Junipero Serra Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94132 phone #(415) 586-1444 d) Sunday Worship e) every Sunday about hour and a half II. Observations a) The gathering site is a big beige building with cross at the tip top of the building. Worship takes place inside, but outdoors there is a nice garden for mediation b) cross at top of building, inside everything is made of wood, the front of the worship room there are floral arrangements and candles, huge organ, people are dressed semi formal, no specific outfit. c) organ plays music, people spiritually singing, pastors voice also has a strong presence d) At the beginning of service you greet the people sitting around you and shake hands e) Verbal Symbols: A friendly greeting is all that is expected III. Structure of the Ceremony a) pastor, there are other speakers that change weekly, youth group also leads part of service, and a choir leader with entire choir sing songs b) offerings of music c) no ritual food or drink consumption- d) This is my outline of the entire ceremony, the songs sung, the people who were involved (info from pamphlet) THE PEOPLE OF GOD GATHER IN HOPE AND POWER THE WELCOMING MUSIC: THE GREETING: THE PASSING OF THE PEACE OF CHRIST: The Gathered Community of Christ THE CENTERING HYMN: TO GIVE OURSELVES IN PRAYER FOR THE COURAGE TO DO JUSTICE: UM Hymnal #456 Danilo Bartolome
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THE LORD’S PRAYER: Paul McCluskey PRAYING WITH OUR CHILDREN: Pastor Schuyler Rhodes TO RECEIVE GOD’S WORD THE HYMN OF PREPARATION: SHARING HOLY SCRIPTURE: Amos 7:7-17 Jennifer Hlavin Colossians 1:1-14 Ph Phyllis Pettus Hill A GIFT OF SONG: THE SERMON: “Bearing Fruit in Every Good Work” Pastor Schuyler Rhodes TO RESPOND TO GOD’S WORD COMING TO THE ALTAR…. . TO GIVE OUR TITHES, OUR PRAYERS, OUR COMMITMENT TO GOD OUR OFFERING OF MUSIC: THE DOXOLOGY & PRAYER OF DEDICATION: THE CLOSING HYMN: SHARING COMMUNITY LIFE: Chudy Nnebe THE POSTLUDE: Lisa Quoresimo IV. Informants 1. Why is worship on Sunday? – Pastor Schuyler explains that the seventh day is the holy day, on the Christian calendar it lands on Sunday 2. When else do you recite the Lord’s prayer?- Before a meal, for holidays, it can be said
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eth paper - Aleksandra Rozenberg anth 130 I Field Work...

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