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Part 2: Ethnographic Report (the Ethnographic Report is an analysis of your field experience.) Briefly research and report on the origins and basic beliefs of the religion you experienced for your ethnography. Discuss the purpose(s) of the ceremony you observed and how this service reflects and supports the social structure of the community in which it is practiced. Additional research is needed to put your field experience into historic and cultural context. Use appropriate anthropological terms and concepts in your write-up. You may compare your personal traditions with the ritual(s) you observed, but be careful not to make ethnocentric judgments. You might disagree with the practice you observed, but at the same time tell me how it is adaptive to or beneficial (or not) to the community in which it is practiced. You may compare and/or contrast the symbols and/or practices you observed with those found in
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Unformatted text preview: cultural contexts with which you are more familiar. In other words: do not just tell me what you observed tell me what you learned about this religion and why people practice it. This Ethnography Paper is a highly subjective exercise. You will be graded on your presentation and interpretation skills. Clearly state your findings and conclusions. Use grammar and spelling as befit a college student. Sloppy work, disorganized ideas and misspelled words detract from your finished product and will result in a lower grade. Always use Spell-check. 0 5 for required format and organized, logical presentation of material 0 5 for use of anthropological terms, background research, synthesis of observations. 0 15 for analysis of how this religious practice both reflects and supports the cultural values of the community of followers: what does it do for them?...
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