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intro - Hello my name is Aleksandra Rozenberg but I go by...

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Hello my name is Aleksandra Rozenberg but I go by Sasha. I just completed my two years at DVC and am transferring to UC Davis into the Neurology, Physiology, and Behavioral Sciences major. I am on a pre-dental track and will be applying to dental schools next year; I chose this field because it’s in the frontier of preventative medicine. I strongly support the medical field, but unfortunately there are still many issues and controversies all over the world about the correct way deal with problems, I would rather be on the other end preventing the problems. I am taking this class just for fun, but now that I have read the book and notes I think this class may benefit my understanding of people and other cultures. One of my goals in the future once I will become a dentist will be to travel to underprivileged countries and provide help to the communities. My family is from Odessa, Ukraine, which formerly was USSR. My family emigrated
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