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kinship - society Secondly cross cousin marriages help...

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Answer to #1/2 I do not have a patrilineal parallel cousin because my father is an only child, and my mother is also an only child. This is because my family came from a country where many people were mal nutrition and it was difficult to have a large family. 3) Why is Matrilineal Parallel-Cousin marriage forbidden in a Matrilineal society? In a Matrilineal system the mother’s brother/sister is part of the matrilineage, because they share the same mom but the mother’s brother’s children are not they belong to their mother’s matrilineage The mother’s sister’s children are part of the same matrilineage and are thought of like being brothers and sisters. Because they are thought of as brothers and sisters marriage is forbidden. 4) What are two functions of cross-cousin marriage in a small-scale society? The first main function is to retain or gain more property; through cross cousin marriages property can be retained. The more property one has the higher ranked they are in a
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Unformatted text preview: society. Secondly cross cousin marriages help maintain ties between social groups and keeps relationships harmonious, this is common in agricultural societies. So in a nutshell it’s for economic and political reasons. 5) Why is cross-cousin marriage important in a small-scale society, but not an important cultural practice in a large-scale society like the U.S.? Small scale societies are more hierarchical, and value rank in society on how much property one owns, also in smaller societies they have rules for how property must descend down the lineage. In a large society like America we also rank people by how much property one owns, but we make our own rules as to who should inherit land. In America we have something called a will where one can choose how to split their goods among all the people in the family of they can even give it to people outside the family....
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