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physics - the student dropped his key into the water This...

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Because I did not know how to fit the equation for the dipoles into Origin for the graph of electric field versus displacement for the two dipoles, I could not calculate the chi squared degree of freedom for that quantity. Although the a value for the dipoles compared to be identical to the a value the student measured, the degree of freedom(chi-squared) was quite high, which meant that the data obtained did not fit Equation 8. One possible systematic error during the measurement of the potential difference was that
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Unformatted text preview: the student dropped his key into the water. This action may have lowered the readings of voltage for that part. A random error would be that the student did not hold the red probe connecting the voltmeter to the water upright. This action will create a higher margin of error because the voltage reading will further fluctuate from a linear pattern. Preventing the student from tiredness will help alleviate these errors....
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