All Happy Families Notes Week 10

All Happy Families Notes Week 10 - Notetaking Outline for...

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Notetaking Outline for “All Happy Families” SOC 241 Factors that have caused Conservatives to introduce more and more bills restricting gay parenting: Gay baby boom – there are at least a quarter million children living in households headed by same-sex couples; 4.2 percent are either adopted or foster children, almost double the figure for heterosexual couples. one in 20 male same-sex couples and one in five female couples were raising children in 1990. By 2000 those figures had risen to one in five for male couples and one in three for female couples. A 2003 survey by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute found that 60 percent of adoption agencies place children in gay households, and a 2001 Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that, while about 8 percent of gay respondents were currently parents or guardians of children under 18, almost half of those who weren’t hoped to one day adopt children of their own. As the ranks of gay parents swell, they become more visible—and more visible targets . Tipping point – A 2004 Harris poll found that a plurality of Americans still disapproves of adoption by same-sex couples—43 percent and 45 percent for female and male couples, respectively. But that represents a dramatic decrease in opposition since 1996, when majorities of more than 60 percent disapproved in both
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All Happy Families Notes Week 10 - Notetaking Outline for...

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