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physics3 - water tray Using that information I was able to...

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Abstract: In this experiment, the student applied the concept of equipotential lines to three cases of electric fields. The three cases encountered in this experiment are the dipole caused by two electrodes of opposite charges separated by a specified distance, two parallel plates on the y-axis which produces an electric field, and having a hollow cylinder in the middle of the distance separating the two parallel plates. I measured the voltage at certain points on the grid below the
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Unformatted text preview: water tray. Using that information, I was able to construct equipotential maps for the three cases. Then, I measured the chi squared degree of freedom as well as the electric field between two equipotential points for each of the three cases. For the two dipoles on the x axis, that number was 1140.59, which was higher than the expected number of 1....
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