Bhangis of India Notes Week 6

Bhangis of India Notes Week 6 - them – for example if a...

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Page 1 of 1 FMG On-Demand Video #37126 “The Worst Job in the World: The Bhangis of India” Who are the Dalits? Who are the Bhangis? Describe in detail the work that the Bhangis do: Other Subgroups of Dalits – what type of work do they do? Dhobis – Domas – Factoids about the Bhangis: Approximate number of Bhangis in India – Approximate number of people per day who use the open-air latrines – Approximate umber of people per day who may use a given community latrine – What secret about themselves do male Bhangis keep, and why do they hide that information about themselves? What types of physical ailments are common among the Bhangis? What form of ‘escape’ from the work do some Bhangis take? How do the local citizens treat the Bhangis when they come into contact with
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Unformatted text preview: them – for example, if a Bhangi comes to a resident’s home during the work day to ask for water? • What sorts of physical problems and illnesses are Bhangis subject to, who work in the city sewer systems? • Since the technology exists, why do the powers that be NOT install mechanical pumps in city sewer systems, to do the work the Bhangis do in the sewers? • Legislation prohibiting “manual scavenging” – what is the status of things re: such legislation? • Bezawada Wilson, who organized and spearheads the “Manual Scavenger Liberation Movement” – What type of activities has he had his followers engage in? What is the goal of his Movement, as he defines it?...
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