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ssc - has the greatest concentration for slow release...

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1) 3 The mean from table one shows that that maximum concentration of immediate release codeine is 161.89, while the max concentration of slow release codeine is 217.84. The range of concentrations for immediate release codeine is 417.2. The range for slow release codeine is 263.6. The scatter plot suggests a positive correlation between the maximum concentrations of slow release concentration codeine and the max concentrations of immediate release concentration codeine. 2) The date has an outlier in Patient number 2. The patient experiences a max concentration of 466.9 for slow release codeine and 167 for immediate release codeine. Because this person
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Unformatted text preview: has the greatest concentration for slow release codeine, he or she expands the range for slow release codeine. Furthermore, his or her data point on Figure 2 is not within the group of clusters on the main group of the graph. Throughout the investigation, the mean is used as the measure of central tendency, which is assuming that the data has a normal distribution and no outliers are present. However, the median is a better determination of center if the data is skewed and has more than one hump on a histogram....
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