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health2 - more volunteer opportunities to the online signup...

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3 rd  General Meeting Minutes Icebreaker- Wrote down interesting fact and went around the room meeting people. General Information about FIMRC- restaurant fundraisers count as an hour if you go, point logs  are on the website so you can download, if you can’t pay dues today Shirts- get orders in after meeting International Education Week- after the Nov 10 meeting we will make questions so please plan  on staying after Volunteer- Tutoring at Mathews- weekly commitment, Matthews Book Fair, Family Science  Night or Musical- see slides for dates; Capital Area Food Bank Teaching Garden- Garden and  the produce go to various nonprofits around Austin; Hygine Drive- due next meeting; we will add 
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Unformatted text preview: more volunteer opportunities to the online signup sheet so check to see if anything new International Project- Limon, Nicaragua- Goal raise $2,000 to provide water Schlotzsky’s Fundraiser- Friday Oct 29 th , 10am-10pm. Officers will be there around 2 and around 6 if you want to come eat with us. Officer Election- Member running for vice president gave speeches and those unable to attend had their applications posted. Members voted for 2 VP and 1 Public Relations. We will send out email with the names of who got it....
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