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Representation , Stuart Hall COMM 101 notes Representation is the production of meaning through language” (p. 28). Two Systems of Representation are involved in the production of meaning (i.e., representation): 1. Mental (Conceptual) Representation —This is how we conceptualize and classify things in our heads, including material objects as well as abstract ideas like death 2. Language —This is how we exchange meanings with others, not only via speaking and writing but also through visual imagery (facial expressions, fashion, etc.) In short, language allows us to communicate (via words, sounds, images, etc.) our conceptual representations to each other. The importance of codes But how do we know, for instance, what someone means (concept) if she or he says the word “Paris” (language)? The answer is that codes tell us how the two systems (concepts and language) correspond . Think of codes as social or cultural conventions (“maps of meanings,” p. 29) that tell us what things mean. To use an absurd example: In one culture, “Paris” might predominantly mean a city in France, while in another culture it might predominantly refer to a certain rich socialite. Simply put, different cultures have different codes that dictate meanings between concepts and language . Therefore, to study culture we must study representations. Iconic Signs (Visual) vs. Indexical Signs (Written, Spoken) —see p. 20. There are
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Hall_s+Representation_1_ - Representation, Stuart Hall COMM...

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