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Social scientific or effects tradition (US) vs. cultural studies (Europe)—Chapter 15 1) What are some differences between the social scientific tradition and the cultural studies tradition? -- Individual level effects (behavior, cognition, attitudes) where a change is observable and statistically significant vs. larger societal level analyses (ideological and so forth) -- methodologies —scientific method, hypothesis testing, statistics, What are the three types of social scientific methods? surveys and longitudinal studies, experiments, content analysis What are three types of cultural studies approaches ?— audience research, textual analysis, political economy --histories -US, Propaganda research, Public Opinion Research (Lazarsfeld), Social Psychology, Market Research Vs. Western Marxism, Frankfurt School, Birmingham School—CCCS—Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies -- Theoretical/political orientation —cultural studies tends to adopt a Marxist position, social theory, critical of capitalism, social science work is often complicit with capital (especially market research) 2) What are the 3 major stages in the historical development of effects models (social scientific conceptions of the audience?)
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a) hypodermic needle model —earliest –World Wars and fear of power of propaganda- passive audience b) minimal effects model —Joseph Klapper, a product of methodological approach-looking for observable behavioral effects or attitudinal effects that aren't really apparent c) uses and gratifications —one trajectory-more active conception of the audience d) more subtle effects —What are these more subtle types of effects in your book? Social Learning —you model behavior that you see, kids, Bandura-Bobo Doll Agenda-Setting —mainly journalism, you tend to think an issue is more important if it is prominent and covered frequently, sets the agenda for what we think about,
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week2_section - Social scientific or effects tradition (US)...

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