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Hotel+California - Hotel California What a edit surprise...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 1/17/11 Hotel California What a nice surprise
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1/17/11 Performance Notes for Hotel California 1. Use the same finger picking pattern you used for dust in the wind to play the intro and the verse. 2. I have written out the chords both in the original key of Bm, and the easier key of Am. If you’re uncomfortable with the barre chords, try the key of Am. I will explain more about minor keys, and also about how you can transpose songs yourself. 3. You can continue to use the same finger picking pattern for the chorus, but if you want to sound more like the original recording, play the bass note of each chord on the downbeat and use reggae type up strums to more closely emulate the original part. 4. If you are playing the Am version, you can still play along with the CD by using a capo on the 2nd fret. 5. The main accompaniment guitar on the original recording was used a 12 string guitar. This guitar has a unique sound. If you have an electric, or an acoustic electric, you can use a chorus pedal to help emulate that sound. (sort of) 6.
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