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F e deral Rule of Civil Procedure 19 Compulsory Joinder of Parties Civil Procedure : Professor Arkin Example 1: H, a citizen of Ohio sues a Florida Bank demanding that the Bank issue certificated stock to him . Florida Bank objects that G, also a citizen of Ohio, should also be made a party to the action since G claims the stock as well. What result if Florida Bank moves to dismiss the action under Fed . R . Civ. P . 12(b)(7)? Example 2: B , a citizen of Ohio, leases store space in a mall to A, a citizen of Pennsylvania. The lease provides that B will not lease store space in the mall to any of A's competitors . Subsequently, B leases store space in the mall to C, a citizen of Pennsylvania, who is a competitor of A. A sues B in United States District Court for the District of Ohio to enjoin enforcement of the lease between Band C . What result if B moves to dismiss the action under Fed.R . Civ . P. 12(b)(7)? Example 3
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