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Revised syllabus eng - ENG110 Introduction to Writing 4...

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ENG110 Introduction to Writing 4 U N I T S : 4 0 H O U R S L E C T U R E + 0 H O U R S L A B C O U R S E S Y L L A B U S DESCRIPTION Instruction in the theory and guidelines of composition for college writing with an emphasis on the following: grammar review, rhetorical strategies, essay writing, collaborative writing, and academic writing. PREREQUISITES None LEARNING OUTCOMES An important skill for success in college-level education is the ability to write effectively. This course is intended to help you gain or sharpen your writing skills. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Develop a logical or rationale argument to address a topic or subject. Write a coherent, persuasive paper that reflects the argument you wish to make. Utilize feedback from your instructor or others to refine your argument and your presentation. Conform to accepted rules pertaining to attribution of sources, format, and other related policies in your written papers. LEARNING OBJECTIVES To achieve these learning outcomes, you will be asked in this course to pursue activities designed to meet specific learning objectives , each of which is related to one or more of the learning outcomes listed above. A learning objective is a statement in specific and measurable terms that describes what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of engaging in a learning activity. The learning objectives for this course include: 1. When given written tests in a classroom setting, you will successfully (> 90%) identify correct grammatical and syntax rules applications. 2. Given guidelines provided by your instructor, you will successfully complete a detailed outline for an argumentative paper, and receive feedback from the instructor about your outline. 3. Following class lectures and reading of related course materials, you will be able to describe verbally and/or in writing attributes of description, narration, illustrations, classification, compare/contrast methods, and analyses as they pertain to effective writing. 4. Given assignments for specific essay topics, you will create essays (graded by your
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Revised syllabus eng - ENG110 Introduction to Writing 4...

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