Projectiles - shape in the downward direction since a ball...

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Adam J. Englert September 17, 2008 Projectiles Lab 8:30 – 10:20 Lab partners: Omar Jabarti, Majed Almotawa, and one other member The purpose of this lab is to study the free motion of a projectile. Also we will learn some methods for analyzing data using Microsoft Excel. The equipment I used was a steel ball that we let roll down the ramp, and it would shoot horizontally off the end of the ramp. It takes a ‘falling trajectory’ for some distance, and then collides with a waxed tape strip, making a mark. To map out the entire trajectory on tape, we drop the ball repeatedly, moving the waxed tape each time. By transferring the wax marks from the tape to the graph paper, we get the trajectory. So in this lab we dropped a ball and watched its trajectory path, which led to a parabola
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Unformatted text preview: shape in the downward direction since a ball will drop due to gravity when released. It is the exact motion we are looking for in a projectile experiment. We found the height to be 4.375. So we could find our constant B value to be equal to 0.08. By solving the equation B=(7/20)*h. My theoretic value of B was 0.08 while in reality it was equal to 0.1183. That is a pretty close comparison due to the fact that there will always be a little bit of error in every experiment you can create. In conclusion, the experiment was off by a little less than a factor of 2. The path of the ball dropping is a good representation of how gravity affects everything in real life situations....
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Projectiles - shape in the downward direction since a ball...

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