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exam1guide - Problem 3 – 2-d vector addition Problem 4...

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PHYS 152 EXAM 1 IUPUI FALL SEMESTER 2008 Chapters 1-4 only Thursday, September 18 Directions: You have exactly one hour. You may not use notes. A formula sheet will be supplied (see below). Only a basic scientific calculator may be used. (See website’s Course Info page.) There will be four word problems. Show your work to receive full credit. Box your final answers and record their appropriate units. Turn in your exam booklet and formula sheet when finished. 100 points total. What to expect: Problem 1 – Use calculus to find motion variables, e.g. x , v , a , etc. Problem 2 – Two objects in motion meet.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3 – 2-d vector addition Problem 4 – Projectile motion You will be given a copy of the formula sheet below: PHYS 152 EXAM 1 FORMULA SHEET φ AB B A cos z z y y x x B A B A B A B A t x v av Δ Δ t v a av Δ Δ at v v 2 2 1 at t v x x t v v x x ) ( 2 1 ) ( 2 2 2 x x a v v t v x x 2 2 1 gt t v y y y ) ( 2 2 2 y y g v v y y g = 9.8 m/s 2 r R v a rad ˆ 2 T R π v 2 a m F Σ...
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