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Lecture04 - National Parks formed National Parks formed by...

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Unformatted text preview: National Parks formed National Parks formed by Glaciers Glacier National Park Yosemite National Park Something about Glacial Something about Glacial Mechanics? Zone of accumulation vs zone of ablation Pre and post­alpine glaciated landscape Glacier National Park Glacier National Park Vital Statistics Vital Statistics Northwest Montana ~1,000,000 acres 1580 square miles ts sts res ore Fo ll F na na to tiio Na Na Indian Reservation History History Native American inhabitants past 10,000 years Pre­1800 Kutenai (Flathead) tribes Post­1800 Blackfeet 1780’s Fur trappers 1806 Lewis and Clark expedition 1910 NP (third try) 1932 combined with adjacent Canadian Waterton Geologic Features Geologic Features Glacial Erosion Glacial Deposition Mass Movement Faulting Geologic Features Geologic Features Continental Divide Sedimentary features Fossils Igneous Activity Geologic History Geologic History Pre­Cambrian Paleozoic – Mostly Erosion Mesozoic – Cretaceous marine rocks Geologic History Geologic History Cenozoic – earliest Eocene (Tertiary) Larimide Orogeny Uplift Pleistocene – 1.6 mya – glaciation ~10,000 years glaciers retreat and disappear 4000 years ago present glaciers develop Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park Vital Statistics Vital Statistics Central California ~760,000 acres ~1190 square miles History History Ahwahneechee Tribe Mid 1800’s Uzumati tribe lead by Chief Tenaya 1846 Trading post 1864 US gave area as park to California 1890 Yosemite NP 1914 Stephen T Mather visits Geologic Features Geologic Features Exfoliation Domes Jointing Glacial Features Glacial Features Glacial Features Roche moutonnée Glacial valley Hanging valley Waterfalls Nunatak Glacial deposits Geologic History Geologic History Paleozoic – sedimentary and volcanic rocks Mesozoic – Granitic intrusions Cenozoic – uplift Pleistocene ­ glaciation ...
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