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quiz6_soln_fall01 - Name SOLU’N ON Quiz#6 Plane Motion of...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: SOLU’N ON Quiz#6 Plane Motion of Ri _'d Bodies: Energ Methods KINETIC ENERGY FOR A RIGID BODY T= l/2 mv2 + 1/2 Ico2 WORK U1_2= j F-dF,U1_2= [Mala ( U1-2=M(62-61) WORK-ENERGY PRINCIPLE T1+U1_2= T2 CONSERVATION OF ENERGY PRINCIPLE T1+V1= T2 +V2 The 30 Kg disk shown is pin supported at its center. Detemiine the number of revolutions it must make to attain an angular velocity of 20 rad/s starting from rest. It is acted upon by a constant force F = 10 N, which is applied to a cord wrapped around its periphery, and a constant couple moment M = 5 Nm. The cord does not slip on the disk. (rm/051m : flol‘zé'éu ; TWO Ea 911°C; 3&[email protected])],20 2/2041 04,27W1k 26 7%: aam’Mu’f f7 4' Iii/L W. : Sean 7 0,29 fa '7;+(/4r2"2 I; O+MQ+FA6¢ 7; 56+ /[email protected])9 , lzo 79 92 Hwy .; /‘7‘.:2'—/ 1 295424/ ...
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