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quiz_4_solution - Name Quiz#4 Two blocks and a pulley are...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Quiz#4 Two blocks and a pulley are connected by an inextensible cord as shown. The pulley has an initial angular velocity of 0.8 rad/s counterclockwise and a constant angular acceleration of 1.8 rad/s2 clockwise. Afier 5 s of motion, detemIine the velocity and position of: a) block A; b) block B. TRANSLATION: all particles have the same velocities and accelerations at an 'ven instant ROTATION ABOUT A FIXED AXIS: _. cak=6k a]; .._. ax 8: || 6 ll <l Q; ll ‘l fizéxf+éixa3x7=07xf F ROTATION OFASLAB: v=ra) *0 a, = ra an = r602 UNIFORM ROTATION: a = 0 w=COHSL 0 =60 +wt UNIFORMLY ACCELERATED ROTATION: a = (307131. (0:600 +at 6:190 +coot+1/2at2 (02 26002 +2a(0-60) VELOCITIES IN PLANE MOTION (point A translates!): ...
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