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Unformatted text preview: Transportation Engineering TTE 4004 Dr. Essam Radwan, P.E. Dr. Course Administration Course Introductions Introductions Course Objectives (Focused on Highway Course Mode) Textbook Textbook Course Syllabus Course Grading Scheme +/Grading Short quizzes and exams Short Supplement by outside readings as necessary Supplement Transportation Profession and Job Market Transportation CATSS at UCF CATSS Transportation Profession Transportation Why transportation is important to us? Why The great benefits and potential problems with The a good transportation system 16% of the US GDP 16% $1.48 Trillion in Expenditures $1.48 70% of Petroleum use in the US 70% Average US citizen travels 1 hour a day Average Average citizen travels 12,000 miles per year Average Historical Development Historical Early settling in Rural America Early Population shifts to urban areas Population Road building in 19th century Road The short-lived Canal Boom The The Railroad Era (1870-1930) The The Automobile and Interstate Highway The The Birth of Aviation The Major historical bills: Major – CAAA 1991 – ISTEA 1991 – TEA 21 1998 – SAFETEA ?? Specialties in Transportation Specialties Engineering Planning (modeling and economics) Planning Design (pavement and geometric) Design Construction (labor and equipment) Construction Traffic Operations and Management Traffic – Traffic Engineering and Control – ITS – Traffic Safety Maintenance Maintenance ...
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  • EssamRadwan
  • Road, Interstate Highway System, Freeway, Supplement Transportation Profession and Job Market Transportation

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