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img032 - Hist 2866 Fall 2009 1 Opening Remarks 2 Modern...

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Unformatted text preview: Hist 2866 Fall 2009 1. Opening Remarks 2. Modern Times (1936) — directed, produced, written, and composed by, and starring, Charlie Chaplin # also starting Paulette Goddard, Gloria de Haven, and Allen Garcia (the steel executive) -- in what ways does this film reflect the Depression? —— in what ways does this 'film reflect strife in the 19305? -- in what ways does it reflect the hopes of the 1930s? —- how does this film reflect social class and conflict? -- how does this film critique the industrial system? -- how does this film critique various groups? -- how does the film reflect racial attitudes? —- is Chaplin a director of comedy fihns or a director who uses comedy to critique society? -- how do you think this film helped get him into deep trouble a decade or so later? Instructor's Comment The Great Depression produced enormous social and economic unrest. There were many strikes, particularly in the mid—to-late 1930s as new labor laws enabled workers to organize and bargain more effectively with management. Corporations fought back to resist unionization and wage and benefit increases -- often using police forces and the allegation that union leaders and workers were foreigners and communist-led. Many strikes turned violent. Also during this era, managements used ever more time and motion studies in an effort to make the work place ever more efficient -- but the result was often the dehumanization of the workplace or at least allegations that that was the situation in the American factory. It was a public issue. Websites Go to Google, type in Modern Times and click on the www.imbd.com site that comes up, then click on Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, and others for additional information. For Next Time L L , View The Grades of Wrath for discussion later. In Mintz & Roberts, read pages 53—63 (from last time) and 139A52\ Hr ...
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