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img021 - Exam 1 for Psyc 2145-003 Thursday Instructor Kim...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 for Psyc 2145-003 Thursday, Sept 22, 2009 Instructor: Kim ' 12. Brain 1maging techniques are good at determining all of the following EXCEPT 13. A decrease in the firing of a neuron is caused most directly by: 3. activation of end-stopped cells. b. a dissociation. © the release of an inhibitory neurotransmitter. d. the subtraction technique. e. falling asleep. '14. The temporal resolution (resolution in time) of fMRI is constrained most by the fact that a.‘ MRI does not measure the activity of a single neuron. the oxygenation levels in the blood flow to the brain changes over the course of several seconds in response to cognitive activity. ' the R15 mis onl WeimageofihWL‘ econ S. Wammmmew 15. Which part of the brain is particularly important for a alyzing visual objects into very sim nle features? ' a temporal lobe h - v 0d ~W M b. parletal lobe ”‘90 r. c. occipital lobe Km ‘ 914-0“ A W M “e. W 16. Which part of the brain 15 particularly importantfor spatial aspects of vision? a. temporal lobe (l) parietal lobe c. occipital lobe d. hippocampus 17. Center— surround receptive fields a. are characteristic of visual cells,‘ 1n inferior-temporal cortex (the ventral' what" stream} are formed by a combination of excitatory and inhibitory inputs reflecting different parts of the retina (and the visual world) 1 c. a e voltage fields created by concentrating charged ions across a neuron's cell mrlmquréeAQm/xc /,,.~\._ (1. respond est oving stimuli. / \\ / \__/ ...
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