CIS150_Lab_Peer-Peer_Network - Building a Peer-to-Peer...

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Building a Peer-to-Peer Network Objective Create a simple peer-to-peer network between two PCs • Identify the proper cable to connect the two PCs • Configure workstation IP address information • Test connectivity using the ping command . Background / Preparation This lab focuses on the ability to connect two PCs to create a simple peer-to-peer Ethernet LAN between two workstations. The workstations will be directly connected to each other without using a hub or switch. In addition to the Layer 1 physical and Layer 2 data link connections, the computers must also be configured with the correct IP network settings, which is Layer 3, so that they can communicate. A basic Category 5/5e UTP crossover cable is all that is needed. A crossover cable is the same type that would be used as backbone or vertical cabling to connect switches together. Connecting the PCs in this manner can be very useful for transferring files at high speed and for troubleshooting interconnecting devices between PCs. If the two PCs can be connected with a single cable and are able to communicate, then any networking problems are not with the PCs themselves. Start this lab with the equipment turned off and with cabling disconnected. Work in
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CIS150_Lab_Peer-Peer_Network - Building a Peer-to-Peer...

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