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CS106X Handout 07M Autumn 2010 September 22 nd , 2010 Downloading Xcode Written by Julie Zelenski. In CS106B, you have the option of writing your programs on the Mac or PC. For the Macintosh environment, you will write your programs using a C++ compiler developed by Apple called Xcode. You can use Xcode on the Mac OS computers in the public clusters on campus, or you can download a copy for your own machine, as described in the following section. If you’re planning to work on one of the public-cluster computers, you should be able to skip this handout and go directly to the assignment. If you want to download your own copy of Xcode, you should note that many versions of Mac OS X come with Xcode preinstalled. Even if you have it, you should check which version of Xcode you have. The easiest way to do so is to first open the application. Then, from the Xcode menu, select "About Xcode". The window that opens should say what version you have. If it is version 3.1.4 or later, you’re fine.
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