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CS106X Handout 07P Autumn 2010 September 22 nd , 2010 Downloading Visual Studio 2008 Most of this handout was written by past TAs, although the precise authorship has been lost. In CS106B, you have the option of writing your programs on the Mac or PC. For the Windows environment on a PC, you will write your programs using Microsoft’s Visual Studio application. You can use Visual Studio on the computers in the public clusters on campus, or you can download a copy for your own machine, as described in the following section. If you’re planning to work on one of the public-cluster computers, you should be able to skip this handout and go directly to the assignment. If you want to download your own copy of Visual Studio, you need to execute a somewhat complicated procedure that involves downloading a disk image of the installer CD, burning it to a physical CD, and then using that CD to install the program. Don’t worry—we’ll walk you through the process below. It may be a fair number of steps, but just pay careful attention at each step, and you’ll get through it fine. 1. To get started, you’ll need to get an ELMS account to be able to get access to Visual Studio 2008. Go to the website http://msdn.stanford.edu/ . (Ignore any notice that says that this page is for faculty, staff, and graduate students. We have arranged to include undergraduate students in computer science courses as part of the software agreement.) Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). If you are unable to access the website (for example if you are not on campus), send me ( jerry@cs ) an email and I’ll mitigate the details needed to create you an account. 2.
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07P-Downloading-Visual-Studio - CS106X Autumn 2010 Handout...

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