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11L-Lab-Handout - CS106X Autumn 2010 Handout 11L September...

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CS106X Handout 11L Autumn 2010 September 26 th , 2010 Lab Handout Welcome to CS106X lab! The idea of CS106X lab is to get your hands dirty coding up some short programming problems, focusing on material that’s been taught in the prior week. Often the problems will be the same as those in the normal section handout, but occasionally they’ll be different. If you run out of lab exercises, then you can always fall back on working on the regular section problems. Go ahead and download the starter files from the course website. You needn’t hand anything in at the end of section. You just need to show your section leader that you got everything working reasonably well. Problem 1: Look And Say Write a short program that prints the look-and-say sequence, printing one number every second. Implement your program to respect the same rules as those described in Problem 1 of the section handout. The lab code has been set up so that a main function is completely empty. You should implement the main function to keep printing numbers until you quit the program.
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