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CS106X Handout 17 Autumn 2010 October 6 th , 2010 Assignment 3 Warm-ups: Short Recursion Problems Assignment 3 is going out in two parts: this one, which has you implement a few short recursion problems and submit them for feedback, and a larger one, which has you implement the game of Boggle. Both parts are required, but you’re to complete and submit solutions for the problems described in this handout first, and then move on to the larger assignment—one that has you implement the game of Boggle—afterwards, which is discussed in Handout 18. Solutions to Warm-up Problems Due: Wednesday, October 13 th at 5:00 p.m. Solution to Boggle Due: Friday, October 15 th at 5:00 p.m. For the two warm-up exercises, we specify the function prototype. Your function must exactly match that prototype (same name, same arguments, same return type). Your function must use recursion; even if you can come up with an iterative alternative, we insist on a recursive formulation! Also, note that the Boggle assignment is much more involved than these warm-up problems, so don’t be left with the impression that you somehow need seven calendar days to complete the warm-ups and just two for Boggle. In practice, you’ll want to press through these problems fairly soon and move on to Boggle ASAP. I’m giving you seven days for this part not because it takes that long to complete them, but because it’s obnoxious to give out an assignment and make it due in less than a week’s time. Think of these two problems and the Boggle portion of the assignment as one big assignment, and consider the completion of these
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17-Assignment-3-Recursion-Warmups - CS106X Autumn 2010...

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