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BRAE236 HW23-24 - BRAE236HW2324...

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24 See attached for the energy cost evaluation. Create a new worksheet within the spreadsheet. This will be due on Wednesday 1 December 2010. Please make the following changes to the initial conditions in yellow. The cost for the upgrades include: DU to 0.95 is $1,000/ac New Pump is $30,000 New motor is $5,000 Cost to switch to time of use $300 (three hundred dollars) Comment on the impact of making the improvements. ITEM SOURCE CALCULATION VALUE 1. Crop Plant Water Requirement A. Crop Type Audit Almonds B. Reference ET o Various sources (CIMIS) 53.5 C. Crop Coefficient (K c ) Various sources (or ETc/ETo) 0.81 D. Effective Rain Various sources 8 E. NET Plant Water Requirement ET o x K c (B x C) - D 35.2 2. Irrigation System Performance F. Distribution Uniformity (DU lq ) Audit 0.95 G. GROSS Plant Water Requirement Net / DU E / F 3. Pumping Requirement H1. Flow rate (GPM) Fall Field Audit 1200 H2. Flow rate (GPM) Spring Field Audit 1400 I. Area Field Audit
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BRAE236 HW23-24 - BRAE236HW2324...

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