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tapingMultipleChoice - a 549.23 b 549.21 c 549.25 d 549.12...

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Which assertion is most correct? a. Accuracy is an indicator of precision b. Precision relates to the true value of a measurement c. Precision is used as an indicator of accuracy d. There is a direct correlation between precision and accuracy e. In surveying we must always state our accuracy. What are the units and sub-units of the SI system? a. Feet, inches b. U.S. Survey feet, inches c. Meters, centimeters, millimeters d. Feet, 10ths of a foot, 100ths of a foot e. U.S. Survey Foot, 10ths, of a foot, 100 th of a foot. A tape was standardized at 99.98 feet on the standard (100.00 feet exact) with 10lb pull supported at 68ºF. The same tape measured between two points 549.23 feet with 10lb pull supported at 68ºF.What is the true distance between the two points?
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Unformatted text preview: a. 549.23 b. 549.21 c. 549.25 d. 549.12 e. 549.34 If the same measurement between the two points was at 98ºF instead of 68ºF, what would the true distance be? a. 549.01 b. 549.12 c. 549.23 d. 549.34 e. 549.45 If we measured from “A” to “B” 843.19 feet and from “B” to “A” 843.25 feet, what is the approximate ratio of error expressed as a representative fraction? a. 843.19/843.25 b. 1/0.000071156 c. 1/14,100 d. 843.22/0.06 e. 1/6 What is the name of the tool we used to transfer the position of a point on the ground to directly above the point? a. Hand level b. Tension scale c. Plumb bob d. Laser plummet e. Chaining pin Which is not a Systematic Error of taping? a. Tape length b. Temperature c. Pull d. Sag e. Sighting...
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