Welcome to BRAE 23701_Winter_2011

Welcome to BRAE 23701_Winter_2011 - WelcometoBRAE237...

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1 Welcome to BRAE 237 Winter 2011 Today’s Agenda Syllabus Attendance What is Surveying Introduction to Distance Measurement Break LAB 01–Tape Standardization and Pacing Syllabus I am Mr. Tom Mastin Office 08 105 Office Hours Tuesday 1:10pm – 3:00pm Wednesday8:10am – 10:00am Thursday 1:10pm – 3:00pm 105 You Are Here My Office is here Syllabus Text Lab Manual (237/239) Elementary Surveying Booklet Ghilani / Wolf Fieldbook Fieldbook: Sokkia Economy Field Book or Equivalent Supplies: 0.5 mm ~3H Mechanical Pencil C thru W8 6" with protractor Syllabus Lecture period will cover Quizzes Theory of what will be done during the lb labs Discuss procedures Syllabus Labs Will work in Crews for most of your labs You will be assigned today to a crew Field book is what you will turn in for grading W k i t fi ld Pi i l We work in two fields, Primarily “Sports” Field Field C 12; Cow Pasture You will want to wear appropriate clothing MUST WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES If you show up late for the lab, you will get no grade for the lab.
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2 Syllabus Labs – Continued If you cannot make a lab Notify me prior to the lab Y k th lb You can make up the lab You wil need to coordinate getting help and the equipment Labs are due 4:00 pm Monday In the box in front of Room 121 Syllabus Quizzes You will have one at the beginning of each class They will cover What you were suppose to read Topics already covered If you miss a quiz You missed a quiz At the end of the quarter there will be a chance to make up a quiz by writing a paper. We will talk about later on Syllabus Homework You have homework due at the beginning of each class See the syllabus for the homework set due The homework is in Section III of the Lab Manual There are instructions on how to setup your homework in the Lab Manual On Blackboard Under Course Material Lab Manual Homework “B” Under Assignments Homework Hints on Homework “B” Syllabus Exams You will have two final exams One for the lecture This is scheduled for Finals Week »
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Welcome to BRAE 23701_Winter_2011 - WelcometoBRAE237...

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