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433 Beam Design Assignment 2010

433 Beam Design Assignment 2010 - Scoring Lowest-cost...

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BRAE 433 HW 12-14 - Economics Component Homework Assignment Design the least expensive RC beam for the given geometry, loading and support conditions. The beam is exposed to earth and/or weather. Loads: Beam is subjected to its own weight plus a concentrated loads. The concentrated load represents a live load of 35,000 lbs. Neglect shear stirrup considerations. Note: The ratio of b/d must be within limits recommended by code. Use 2-in for clearance. Submissions: Required information: Names of design team members (use 2 person designation) Summary of design Hard copy of design drawings (including beam dimensions drawn to scale, material properties and reinforcement details) Drawings may be attached as PDF, MS Word, MS Excel or PowerPoint files. Submissions will be accepted by 11:59pm Friday 29 October 2010
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Unformatted text preview: Scoring: Lowest-cost, code-satisfactory design = add 30 points to total homework points 2 nd place = add 28 points to total homework points 3 rd place = add 26 points to total homework points n th place = add 32 – 2n points to total homework points Submitted design violates known ACI 318 code = no points Necessary information not included = no points Teams with tie scores will split allotted points Questions/Correspondence: All questions must be e-mailed to me by 9:00 p.m. Thursday 28 October 2010. Submitted questions and corresponding responses will be e-mailed to all competitors that evening. Unit Costs: Concrete Steel Formwork 3000 psi $122/cy Grade 40 $0.51/lb Form contact surface $2.40/sf 4000 psi $155/cy Grade 60 $0.77/lb 5000 psi $177/cy 40 feet P - Live Load...
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