2010 BRAE 433 HW7

2010 BRAE 433 HW7 - Use a straight edge as appropriate b...

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BRAE 433 - HW 7 a. Draw the isometric I.C. diagram for a simple reinforced concrete beam. The dimensions are h = 12”, d = 10”, and b = 6”. The concrete is fc’ = 3,000 psi. The steel is 3 – No. 4 rebar in 1 row. Identify clearly where the resultant tension and compression forces are located. Also identify formulas of the resultant forces on the diagram.
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Unformatted text preview: Use a straight edge as appropriate. b. Select the statement that best describes the bottom edge of a RC beam under a bending load less the modulus of rupture: 1) steel is resisting the tension if concrete bond is "perfect" 2) concrete is resisting the tension 3) concrete and steel resist tension 4) concrete only resists compression forces...
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