2010 BRAE 433 HW15

2010 BRAE 433 HW15 - Check that they fit h) Check smax =3 x...

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BRAE 433 - HW15 Concrete Slab Design Prob 2-31 Part a) Design an RC Slab One-way slab L = 10 ft, b = 12 in Fixed due to architectural limitations Live Load = 175 psf, Dead Load = 25 psf Use fc' = 3,000 psi, fy = 60,000psi, cover = 3/4in Solution: a) Determine h =length/20 b) Set Mu = φ Mn c) Estimate d Use d = h - cover - db/2 d) Solve for kbar =Mu/( φ bd^2) e) Find ρ From Table, ck Є t, determine φ f) Solve As Answer is in in^2/ft Check As min g) Select steel
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Unformatted text preview: Check that they fit h) Check smax =3 x h i) Select temp steel Use As min Check if less than 5 x h Checks •main steel –can’t be less than temp steel –can’t be spaced greater than 3 times “h” –can’t be spaced more than 18 in •temp steel –can’t be greater than 5 times “h” can’t be spaced more than 18 in –can’t be spaced more than 18 in...
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