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2010 BRAE 433 HW16 - allowable limits and determine if the...

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BRAE 433 HW16 Given: The simple-span T-beam shown is part of a floor system of span length 25 ft and beam spacing 84 in. o.c. Use f'c = 3000 psi and fy = 60000 psi. The bars are placed with 1 in. clear space between layers. Assume d = 25 in and dt = 27 in. 8 - #10 (in 3 rows) Required: a) Find the practical moment strength and check the steel to ensure that it is within
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Unformatted text preview: allowable limits and determine if the beam will support a load of Mu = 1000 kip ft. b) If the steel was changed to fy = 40,000 psi would the beram be adequate? 84 30 12 #3 stirrup 4...
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