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2010 BRAE 433 HW21

2010 BRAE 433 HW21 - b No,since it was simply...

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BRAE 433 - HW21 Please submit 2 questions (and answers) that could be used for the final based on your presentation. You can do short answer or multiple choice answers. For example: 1. When was fly ash first used in the US? A. Fly ash concrete (which is cheaper than portland cement concrete) was first used in the U.S. in 1929 for the Hoover Dam. 2. Should portland cement be capitialized? a. It is supposed to be capitalized since it was named after Portland, Oregon
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Unformatted text preview: b. No,since it was simply named "portland" by an inventor because it resembled a stone quarried on the Isle of Portland, off the British coast. c. No, because it is so commonly used as the name for cement we don't need to capitalize it d. No, since it was named for the "portly" gentlemen that pour and finish concrete NOTE: Make sure to keep notes of key points for the presentations....
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