BRAE433 - CE207 Review Equations

BRAE433 - CE207 Review Equations - Moment c) Cantilevered...

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Beam Diagrams and Formulas for BRAE433 a) Simple Beam – uniform load (w) Loading Vx = w( L/2 - x) Vmax = wL/2 Shear Mx = wx/2( L - x) Mmax = wL 2 /8 Moment b) Simple Beam – concentrated load (P) Loading Vx = P/2 Vmax = P/2 Shear Mx = Px/2 Mmax = PL/4
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Unformatted text preview: Moment c) Cantilevered Beam increasing load Loading Shear Moment Mmax = h 3 /6 x L x L wL P L F = 1/2 h 2 acting at centroid M = F x lever arm = F x1/3h = 1/6 h 3 F h max pressure = h h...
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