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BRAE433 Retaining Wall HW23and24 - Stem Thickness: G = 1/12...

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Retaining Wall Design HW23 and 24 Given: Retaining Wall Design: Wall with 20 ft height Concrete fc’ = 4,000 psi Steel fy = 60,000 psi BRAE 433 fy 60,000 psi Backfill Silty Sand w e = 105 lb/ft 3 φ = 30° Base soil - Silty Clay Allowable bearing capacity of soil = 3500 lb/ft 2 Coef. Friction on Concrete = 0.50 Req’d Safety Factors - Code Overturning = 2.0 Slidi 1 5 Sliding = 1.5 Required: (HW23 - Due Wednesday 1 Dec 2010) Deternine the initial size of components of retaining wall complete with steel Use the following PROPORTIONS: Footing Width: L = 1/2 hw to 2/3 hw Footing Thickness: h = 1/10 hw
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Unformatted text preview: Stem Thickness: G = 1/12 hw (@top of footing) Toe Width: A = 1/4 L to 1/3 L Minimum Wall Batter: 1/4" per foot Top of Stem D not less than 10": D = G - (hw - h) x 1/2 Actual batter: (G - D)/(hw - h) Heel width: Deternine the factors of Safety for Overturning, Sliding, and Soil Bearing Required: (HW24 Due Friday 3 Dec 2010) Determine steel required for the "heel and the toe" (Parts 5a and 5b) Complete the Retaining Wall Design Include a drawing to scale from Autocad of the final design Make sure to set up the line weights correctly...
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