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QUIZ 1 1) TRUE Soils are dynamic, 3-dimensional, natural bodies having properties derived from the combined effects of climate and biotic activities, as modified by topography, acting on parent materials over periods of time. 2) TRUE OR FALSE An understanding of the function of soil as a regulator of water supplies is essential to the successful use of soil as an engineering medium. 3) FALSE The parent material of a soil is always derived from the hard rock immediately underlying it. 4) TRUE The movement of fine clay and humus through the soil profile represents the pedogenic process called translocation. 5) FALSE The composition of an ideal soil is 50% mineral matter, 25% organic matter, 15% air and 10% water. 6) As a medium for plant growth, soil provides AIR/OXYGEN for root respiration, modifies the TEMPERATURE of the root zone, and is a source of dissolved mineral NUTRIENTS/IONS . 7) Soil organic matter a) makes up about 5% of the volume and 1-6% of the weight of a typical surface soil b) has no influence on soil physical and chemical characteristics c) is a major source of N, P and S for plants d) all of the above e) a and c only 8) Chemical or physical changes in soil minerals and organic matter represent what type of pedogenic process? TRANSFORMATION
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QUIZ #2 1. FALSE The five master soil horizons are O, Ap, E, B and C 2. TRUE The C horizon is the least weathered soil horizon. 3. TRUE Muck soils are developed from accumulated organic matter. 4. FALSE Forest soils are more likely to have a thick A horizon than grassland soils. 5. A soil parent material that develop in place from weathering of underlying rock of any kind is called RESIDUAL / RESIDUUM . 6.
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All quizzes - QUIZ 1 1) TRUE Soils are dynamic,...

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