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Drug Dosage Calculation Formulas Ratio-Proportion Method Step 1 CONVERT : All units to the same system, and all units to the same size. Step 2 THINK : Estimate the reasonable amount. Step 3 CALCULATE : Dosage on hand = Dosage Desired Amount on Hand X Amount Desired Example: Order: Lopid 0.6grams po twice daily Available: Lopid 300mg/tablet How many tablets will be administered? Step 1: CONVERT 1 gram = 0.6grams (Cross-multiply) 1000mg Xmg 1X = 0.6 multiply by 1000
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Unformatted text preview: 1X = 600 (divide by the 1 to isolate the X) 1 1 X = 600mg Step 2: THINK : You want to give 600mg and each supplied tablet (what is available) is 300 mg. Therefore you will need to give 2 tablets) “BUT LET’S MAKE SURE” Step 3: CALCULATE : Ratio-porportion: 300mg = 600mg (Dosage) 1tablet X tablet (Amount) 300X = 600 X 1 (cross multiply) 300X = 600 (now divide by 300 to isolate the X) 300 300 X = 2 tablets...
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