- a dose of 900mg 5 A physician’s order reads “500 ml of 5 Dextrose 0.45 saline IV in 8hours” A How many drops per minute should the IV run

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Questions 1. The doctor has ordered a loading dose of 0.0625mg of Digoxin. The elixir available is 0.25mg/ml. The loading dose is to be administered after the 500ml Normal Saline bolus. How many ml will be administered. 2. There are 500mg of Flagyl in 100ml of Normal Saline. What volume must be given to administer a dose of 300mg? 3. If 125 mg of Demerol are in 1 ml of solution, how many mg. are in 1.5ml? 4. A vial contains 12.5grams of mannitol in 50ml of solution. How much mannitol must be given to administer
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Unformatted text preview: a dose of 900mg? 5. A physician’s order reads, “500 ml of 5% Dextrose 0.45% saline IV in 8hours” A. How many drops per minute should the IV run if a microdrip (60gtt/ml) administration set is used? B. How many drops per minute should the IV run if a regular administration set is used (10gtt/ml)? 6. A physician’s order reads, Ancef 1 gram IVPB in 50ml Normal Saline to run over 30 minutes by infusion pump. The nurse would set the rate at how many ml/hr?...
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