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Critical Thinking Exercise Answer Guide - MGT 281...

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MGT 281 - INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS Critical Thinking I Answer Key NOTE: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BE AN EXPERT ON ANY OF THE SUBJECTS DISCUSSED BELOW IN ORDER TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. E.G. YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW MUCH ABOUT FOOTBALL TO ANSWER 3a; YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MICHELIN TO ANSWER 3e; YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CANADIAN ELECTORAL POLITICS TO ANSWER 7b. IN YOUR GROUPS, DISCUSS THE PROBLEMS BELOW. Note to students: When you are asked to find issues and/or conclusions, you should i. Always put the issue in the form of a question. ii. Always state the conclusion as the answer to that question. Make sure that the conclusion is the answer to the question. If not, you should alter the issue or the conclusion so they agree with each other. iii. State both the issue and the conclusion in your own words . iv. State both the issue and the conclusion in the simplest way possible e.g. 1 a. below the issue could be stated "What's the best music to play to motivate employees?" and the conclusion can be stated in three words, "country and western." 1. Read the following passages and decide what are a) the issue and b) the conclusion using clues suggested in the Browne & Keeley book pages 19 - 22. Be ready to explain c) how you knew what the conclusion was. a. Corporate managers are always interested in techniques for increasing the productivity of their workers. One interesting suggestion made by productivity consultants is to pipe music into the work area. Several recent studies have explored the extent to which different types of music affect workers output. The primary hypothesis examined in the studies was that soft-rock music would prove the greatest aid to productivity. The research has found almost universally that country and western music is the greatest inducement to efficiency. Therefore, corporate officials should seriously consider playing country and western music as a stimulus to worker productivity. i. Issue: (All issues should be phrased as questions) There seem to be two issues - which I have combined into one sentence, but the first part could be left out: Should corporate officials consider piping music to
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their employees to increase their productivity, and , if so, what kind of music should they play? ii. Conclusion: They should seriously consider piping in music and the best bet is country and western music. iii. How we know: It comes at the end of the passage. The word therefore. b. For a better college learning environment, all classes should begin in the afternoon. Most students try to schedule afternoon or evening classes anyway; you rarely hear of a student who is upset at being closed out of the 8 a.m. section of a class. Also, experts say that students who are alert learn more and learn more quickly. For example, at University of Western Ontario, one group of students took an 8a.m. psychology course from Dr. Miller while another group took the
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Critical Thinking Exercise Answer Guide - MGT 281...

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