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Video Worksheet Jubliee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory What is remarkable about the story of Ella Shepherd’s mother? What does it tell us about the despair that characterized the slave experience? The first Fisk Freedman’s School was housed in what sort of buildings in Nashville? Who was the first black instructor at Fisk? The narrator relates that the Fisk Singers, standing on a train station platform, were surrounded by an angry mob at one point on a local tour. How did their director, George White, resolve the situation? How many of the first troupe of Fisk Singers had been former slaves? Why did the American Missionary Association refuse to help White with the first northern tour of the Fisk Singers? What change in concert repertoire made the significant difference in the success of the group called the Jubilee Singers? What is the origin of the term, “jubilee”?
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Unformatted text preview: Give two examples of the non-musical changes in perception of black Americans wrought by the Jubilee Singers. What happened at Henry Ward Beecher’s church in Brooklyn on December 22, 1871? Was their success in Brooklyn unanimous in the New York press? Summarize the Jubilee Singers’ relationship with England’s Queen Victoria. While the Jubilee Singers had great success in the British Isles, what was happening in the U.S. and in Tennessee? Whose participation in the Singers’ European tour eventually led to the dissolution of the group? Where were the Singers when the decision was made to end the tours? Did all the Jubilee Singers return to live in the United States? What word did Cravath call Ella Shepherd that so wounded her spirit in Germany? Is there still a Fisk University? A group called the Jubilee Singers?...
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