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“Gender” guide for Lewis, Lisa. “Introduction” (pages 3-11), Chapter 3 (43-53), and Chapter 5 (73-108). In Gender Politics and MTV: Voicing the Difference . Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1990. REMINDER: this reading is a work of criticism, which is an attempt to look closely at a phenomenon (in this case, the beginning years of MTV) in an attempt to understand what it means. If you disagree with Lewis’s criticism, that’s OK, but you are still responsible for understanding the points she makes. And remember, good criticism gets people thinking! Introduction 1. An important concept in this section is addressed beginning on page 5, the idea that “MTV’s originating company [1] sought to target a youth audience” and [2] sought to market rock music. Importantly, according to Lewis, MTV’s earliest programming decision-makers “assumed” they knew what their target audience wanted and created a new phenomenon that preferred to direct its music toward white adolescent males. 2. What did this assumed “context of agreement” mean? (did they really know what ‘guys’ wanted, and once their choice was depicted in a music video, did it therefore become what guys wanted?) 3. Author Lisa Lewis arranged this book to accomplish what two things? (page 9)
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u3g-lewis_guide - Gender guide for Lewis, Lisa....

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