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Video Viewing Guide for The Savoy Havana Band (circa 1926): “Masculine Women and Feminine Men” This fun silent film clip is underscored with a ca. 1926 performance of the song "MasculineWomen, Feminine Men," performed by The Savoy Havana Band (this was a house band at the Savoy Hotel, The Strand, London, England, led by American bandleader Bert Ralton). The band, which broadcast regularly on England’s BBC radio after 1922, was also known as the Hotel Savoy Opheans. This clip gives a great illustration of a “gendered” type of musical entertainment you might have found on Broadway in New York in the 1920s. It also provides a good illustration of the treatment of cross dressing as comic. You would have seen these types of antics on Broadway in the 1920s. Of course, the very real topics of cross-dressing and homosexuality weren’t seriously addressed here. Notice the stereotypes associated with "male" and "female" behavior. These offer proof
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