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Unformatted text preview: Math 3F — Exam #2 Review Sheet Laney College, Fall 2010 Fred Bourgoin The exam will cover chapters 3 and 4. You are responsible for all of the material presented in lecture and/or included in homework assignments from these chapters. To help you review, I have made a list of all the things you should know and all the skills you should have. One of the things you should do to get ready for the exam is review your homework. Chapter 3: Second-Order Linear Equations • Know what these mean: linear, homogeneous, nonhomogeneous, general solu- tion, particular solution, fundamental set of solutions, initial-value problem, linearly independent functions. • Solve any second-order homogeneous linear equation with constant coeffi- cients. (Solve the characteristic equation, write the general solution for any of the three cases.) • Compute the Wronskian of two functions, and use it to determine whether the functions are linearly independent....
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